Furniture with Personality®

Created to Deliver…
Over thirty years ago, National was created to be a differentiator in a saturated marketplace by offering quality office furniture at a better value and with shorter lead times. National delivered on these two fundamentals then and are the foundation of the exceptional value we provide today to the contract furniture industry. Quality, reliability, safety, style, sustainability, productivity and affordability aren’t just buzz words, they are priorities that we promise to deliver to all our customers, partners, neighbors, the environment and our employees. We start with the end in mind: a better tomorrow; and then we wrap our goals and the path to achieve these goals with social, environmental and fiscal stewardship.

Through our parent company and global leader in electronics and furniture manufacturing, Kimball International, Inc., we’re fortunate for the strong foundation they provide in corporate social responsibility and financial acumen as well as the freedom to let our personality shine in our own way.

Stylish, affordable solutions unlock the door, and our people and performance swing it wide open with Furniture with Personality®. Furniture with Personality comes from the energy, vibrancy and insightfulness of the people at National. We answer our phones and strive for one-call resolution just like we can answer your office furniture needs with a one-manufacturer solution. We’re in the business of building strong relationships and being easy to do business with.

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