How much time do you spend looking down or thinking about flooring?

You probably don’t give flooring much thought until your legs or feet hurt, it’s noisy, you spill something or you literally trip over a problem. At Hannaher’s and Patcraft, we think about flooring a lot, it’s our job. We provide high performance flooring for commercial environments.

We realize that you have to create an engaging space and flooring is only part of what you have to consider. You depend on us to help think about all the ways flooring matters and deliver products and solutions that build the best foundation for your overall project.

Who you are designing for matters, whether its teachers, students, nurses, patients, employees or shoppers, the flooring should support them and comfort them, not distract from their mission. So we design with the end-user in mind.

Ask us about the different markets we serve:

  • Education Solutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Office Environments


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