Contributing to a better learning environment

Schools present some of the toughest environments for flooring. Meeting the sometimes contradictory needs for flooring that is safe, cost-effective, durable and resistant to stains and impact while contributing to a stimulating, less noisy learning environment is the kind of challenge at which Tarkett excels.

Our experts have spent years talking with teachers, students and facility managers to understand these diverse needs and to design integrated solutions in response.

As our clients can testify, an ongoing learning process is the best guarantee of improvement.


Fully integrated solutions for Healthcare and Aged care facilities

Healthcare institutions present one of the most challenging and complex environments for flooring. Floors must match the specific, varied needs of each building section and achieve a harmonious transition between them in terms of functionality and design features.

Strict compliance with hygiene and air quality standards, static control and resistance to heavy traffic, water and chemicals must be reconciled with acoustic characteristics, work comfort and ease of maintenance. Flooring designs also must provide stimulating environments that promote healing.

Tarkett offers the most extensive healthcare flooring offer on the market. Combined with this expertise, we advise and support healthcare professionals every step of the way with fully integrated flooring solutions, designed to perform – and that keep Tarkett as the uncontested #1.


Higher-performing work space

In today’s results oriented business world, making the right choice in flooring can contribute significantly to productivity by creating a more stimulating workplace environment that improves employee quality of life. Through its design, colors, styles and functional characteristics, flooring can make people feel more comfortable, safer and more inspired.

Tarkett’s wide array of flooring options offer the right high performance solution for any type of business or office space, while delivering excellent life cycle costs and maximizing return on investment.


Delivering the optimal experience in sports surfaces

The pace setter for several years in high performance sports surfaces, Tarkett delivers products recognized by the world’s leading athletic organizations for their playing comfort, safety and authentic sensations. Many of the world’s leading football, baseball and soccer teams play on our third generation FieldTurf artificial turf. Elsewhere, portable wood floorings accompany Champion’s League Basketball teams while new records are set on our athletic tracks. Many Tarkett installations have become the new standard in environmental performance, saving millions of gallons of water and thousands of tons in pesticides and fertilizers for outdoor fields or conserving natural resources through their use of renewable raw materials such as for wooden or linoleum based indoor courts. A championship performance for every level of sports competition.

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