Flex acoustical screens, desk mounted screens, and a movable markerboard provide added seperation.

The Post-COVID Workplace

As we navigate this crisis, our partners at Steelcase worked with a diverse network of leading experts to create a…

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Snapcab workplace pod

Designing With Pods

Four things you should think about when adding pods to your floorplan. For most of us, a typical workday involves…

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A balanced combination of work and relaxing spaces

Escaping the Noise

Three ways to add noise barriers when you need a little peace and quiet in the open office. With at…

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Integreon Redesign Drives Innovation

When Integreon planned a new building for Fargo, one that would bring both Fargo offices together under one roof, the…

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Mosaic of products from different manufacturing partners

Empower Your Work, Team + Business with Creative Spaces

Creativity is in the details. It pushes boundaries, builds experiences, sees possibilities and fosters teamwork. It asks why, and connects…

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